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[Trailer] Rose McGowan Returns to Horror in ‘The Sound’

Rose McGowan is back in the horror spotlight, and this time she’ll be playing a skeptic of the supernatural who just might find that her own beliefs have been wrong all along. The Sound looks impressive, and it seems to be just the kind of flick to challenge McGowan, who is no stranger to horror.

You can get a look at the trailer below.

Jenna Mattison writes and directs.

Joining McGowan on screen are Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund and Richard Gunn.

We’ve got no official release date for this one but it is slated to see release this year.

Synopsis: KELLY (Rose McGowan) is a writer and a skeptic of the supernatural. As a specialist in acoustic physics she uses low frequency tactile sound-waves to debunk reported paranormal activities for her online blog. When presented a new case of a supposedly haunted subway station Kelly sets off to uncover the truth behind the hoax that involves a 40-year-old unexplained suicide. Her investigation takes her deep into the abandoned station where her skepticism is tested. As Kelly ascends into the depths of the metro’s darkness she is confronted by an unforeseen evil. In the vastness, she must face her own haunted memories to find the truth and surface back into the light.

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