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A Real Life Account of a Haunted House

It was in 1996 and I was 10 years old when it happened. My family moved in with my grandmother to help her out after my grandfather died. I have never been alone in the house without my brothers or my parents but on a particular Friday night I decided that I wanted to stay alone well not alone, alone since my grandmother was home but always kept to herself in her room. Anyway the night started off pretty good since my family left around 8:00 pm and was able to watch any show I wanted. A couple of hours past and I didn’t feel scared I was too hyped on being alone doing whatever I wanted. My life before that night consisted of having to do what my brothers wanted or what my parents wanted but on that night I was free. I never thought in a million years what I was going to experience would ever happen to me but that’s what happens to normal people I guess they never really know when something happens until it does.

Now the house that we lived in was built in 1919 and there used to be a well in the backyard since this was before indoor plumbing; my uncles have told me many haunting stories about how the house was haunted but over the years I never noticed anything paranormal so I figured they were just ghost stories they told to just make the younger kids scared. Now the story they told was about 2 twin boys one named Alex and the other Adam. These two were inseparable they loved being with one another and playing with one another. Twins people say tend to do that I suppose but anyways so they played and their mother always warned them about the well, not to get too close or they might fall in. Now this well was not your ordinary well, it didn’t have all the bricks to the top or even have a handle it was more of a hole in the ground and they just put a piece of wood on top. Well one day the twins were rough housing as boys tend to do and they got a little too close to the well, Alex noticed how close they were getting and decided to move back but Adam wanted to get Alex good but he couldn’t anticipate what would happen next. Adam pushed Alex over and there he went falling into the well. Alex tried to hold on to a branch but he couldn’t keep his grip and plummeted down to the bottom of the well. Adam was transfixed by what happened and he heard his brother’s cries. Yet instead of calling out for help or even trying to see if his brother was okay he just sat there. After a while Adam put the piece of wood on top of the well ignoring his brother’s cry and walked away. It was hours by the time Adam returned home and his mother was concerned where his twin was. Instead of telling her the truth all he said was that he and Alex were playing hide and seek and was unable to find him. The mother knew her sons tend to play until the next morning so she didn’t seem to mind. The night passed and morning came and still no Alex. A little frantic the mother decided to go search for Alex but never thought to look in the well. That afternoon it started raining and even though the wood was on top of the well the rain was filling it up. Again Adam didn’t seem to have any remorse about his brother’s wellbeing. That night it was still raining and still no sign of Alex. The worried mother finally decided to call the police and they searched all the normal stomping grounds of the twins still no luck. Finally the police questioned Adam and he never mentioned anything about the well until the ground was flooded and by that time Adam knew it was too late. He tried to explain himself but no one would listen they tried to get to the well to find Alex but the rain never let up and his body never showed. Finally, when it stopped raining and when the townspeople were able to help it was too late Alex died in the well and his body was trapped by bricks and branches. If they removed his body he would have come out in pieces so the mother heartbroken just said to let him rest there. So the townspeople built a shack on top of the well to make sure no one would ever fall down the well and as for Adam he never apologized to his mother he just went on with his days. The mother worried about her son but she already lost one boy she wasn’t about to lose another, so she pretended that she only had one son. Only one no matter how malice her boy was he was hers. No charges were filed against Adam and no memorial for Alex was ever conducted. However, people say that each full moon on a Friday night Alex haunts the house and places his hand on the window screaming for help. Help that never came.


Now see with hearing that story all my life I never would have imagined that would ever happen. I mean ghost stories aren’t made to be realistic right? Well as I was saying I was home alone listening to some music round 11:30pm and my family still wasn’t home. I never really cared it was nice having the house to myself minus my grandmother on the other side of the house in her own room who was probably asleep anyhow. Well it started raining and then the thunder came, soon it was pouring hard and the lights started to flicker. I’m not going to lie it started to freak me out a little bit but I decided that it was all in my head. Well no sooner than I thought that the radio turned static and it was off. Okay I thought to myself well it’s just the weather no biggy and then out of nowhere my dog Samson who was outside in his dog house started barking. He wasn’t in the rain but he was barking as if he was. I felt bad for him so I put on my rain coat and boots and decided maybe he wants to come inside or at least in the shed for the night. When I got outside in the backyard there was no barking and he was very content in his dog house. Okay again I thought to myself guess I’m hearing things. I have my flash light and decided to scope the backyard out not thinking anything of it and noticed that the shack (that is on top of the well) was open which it never is since they put a lock on it years ago. At that point I was like yea okay going back inside so I did. I go in dry off and headed back to the living room and decided to read a book and hopefully my family would be headed home soon. Midnight came and I guess I had fallen asleep ready one of Ronald Dahls books. I got up looked at the clock and it was still stuck at midnight. I didn’t think anything of it and decided it was time to head to bed. As I was getting up from the couch I turned my head about to turn off the light and there was hand print on the window facing the backyard. I looked puzzled but decided to go closer each step I took the more clearer the hand print was getting finally as I got all the way close to the window I saw a face screaming so loud my ears began to hurt. The hand print was no longer the water mark but a blood stain. I saw his decrepit face looking at me, crying and begging to be rescued. I didn’t know what to do I screamed for my grandmother for anyone to hear me. I was frozen I couldn’t move and even though I thought I was screaming bloody murder I was speechless. No noise came out of my voice. I was there stunned and in shock. When my parents came in the room they said they called my name several times but I didn’t hear them. All I heard was the cry of Alex stuck in the well. In the morning there was no sign of his hand print or blood or even the shack door being opened. They said it was all in my head that I dreamt it. No I know what I saw and it was the little boy down the well.

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I write what people try to hide. I write how feelings are never expressed. I write what I feel others want to say and for me that's okay. So if you're like me and don't want to hide feel free to share how you feel inside.

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