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10 Must See Films on Amazon Prime Right Now!

Amazon Prime members have a superb selection of films to stream this month. From vintage films to contenders for best picture of 2016, there’s something here for everyone. This is a look at our 10 favorite films currently streaming on the VOD powerhouse known as Amazon Prime!

The ‘Burbs – Part comedy, part horror, this ‘80s classic has it all. Eerie moments permeate the film, Tom Hanks is amazing; a young Corey Feldman adds his spice and one of the more entertaining finales make this true must-see celluloid.

Green Room – One of the strongest genre films to see release in the last decade, Green Room does a lot of unique things, and that helps it stand as a genuinely original horror film. The late Anton Yelchin is amazing and the conflict is pure nightmare fuel. Did I mention there’s a beautifully disgusting armbar break? Yeah, you need to see this one, just hold onto your elbow capsule!

The Monster – No doubt one of the finest films to crawl from the disastrous year that was 2016, The Monster is an emotional creature feature that showcases a powerfully strained mother-daughter relationship and a beast that has no qualms in ripping either to shreds. Can these feuding family members come together to combat something completely unnatural?

Graveyard Shift – We all love a good Stephen King flick, and this was one of the earlier adaptations to impress. If you’ve got an issue with rodents, the movie should leave you consistently squirming for 90 minutes.

Deadly Blessing – One of Wes Craven’s truly forgotten features, Deadly Blessing is a surprisingly entertaining film with a bit of a Rosemary’s Baby vibe to it. If religious/cult genre pieces float your boat, you’re in for a fine viewing experience.

The Neon Demon – This is about as arthouse as it gets, but by god is it a magnetic film. Things start slow, but they grow into an almost fantastical mind bender of a film, and if you love a strong climax you’ll absolutely adore the final (disgusting) moments of The Neon Demon.

The Witch – An extremely obvious pick and one of the strongest genre films to be released in recent years, if you haven’t met Black Phillip, you need to do so, immediately!

Dark Places – More thriller than horror, Dark Places does manage to offer up a series of genuinely eerie moments. The picture is very well-shot and Charlize Theron steals the show handily. Still an underrated treat, Dark Places deserves a look.

Silver Bullet – Still one of the best werewolf films in existence, this Stephen King adaptation gets it really, really right. Corey Haim is great as the handicapped hero and Gary Busey delivers one of his most endearing performances. The mystery element of the film is also quite exceptional. This is a can’t miss movie if ever there was one!

Gremlins – Christmas has come and gone already, and we all know that Gremlins is one of the better Christmas themed horror films out there. But this one is still such a charming, hilarious and disconcerting picture that there’s never a wrong time to tune in!

Bonus Recommendations: Sleepy Hollow, The Relic, The Addams Family, The Bay, House of 1,000 Corpses, Beware! The Blob and Event Horizon.

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