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Help Fund Bret Wood’s Eerie ‘Those Who Deserve to Die’

We swore to begin supporting more crowd funding campaigns, and we’ve found ourselves a damn fine starting point. Bret Wood has a solid track record, having already contributed to our genre with works like The Unwanted and The Little Death. He knows what he’s doing, and we’re certainly paying close attention to his latest project, the kickstarter fueled Those Who Deserve to Die. Early videos look impressive, but you can get a much better idea of what this project is about right here. And don’t be afraid to pitch in for this project – Wood is no hack!

You can also watch the video below, and the film’s teaser trailer below the synopsis!

Here’s the synopsis:

Based on a novella by Thomas de Quincey (Confessions of an Opium Eater) and fueled by visions of ’60s gialli, Those Who Deserve To Die is a thriller that subverts the formula of the revenge film, following its “hero” as he enacts a series of brutal crimes in the name of justice—without revealing to the viewer why these heinous acts are being committed. Goaded by the cold-hearted spirit of his undead ten-year-old sister Berenice, Jonathan wades into ever-deepening, ethically muddier water—for their plan is to not just punish the guilty, but extinguish their bloodlines entirely.

A cynical social worker, Margaret, senses that Jonathan’s moral judgement has been damaged by his combat experiences (not realizing his trauma runs deeper than war). As Margaret tries to reorient Jonathan to a healthier path, Berenice looks for sadistic new ways to insure the completion of his task… for somewhere on the list of Those Who Deserve To Die… is Margaret herself.


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