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Sign this Petition to Bring a Definitive Director’s Cut of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ to Life

Fanatics are, at the very least, consistent in their fanaticism. When a horror fan loves or loathes something, they make sure that position is well-known by anyone willing to listen. Sometimes fans go as far as launching petitions to ensure that certain things do or don’t happen. The latest big petition working its way through the horror community is a push to see a definitive director’s cut of Jason Goes to Hell released. I can’t be mad at that kind of petition!

There’s plenty of chopped footage of Jason Goes to Hell in existence, we just haven’t seen a full director’s cut, and thus have been unable to enjoy the pic as it may have initially been intended to be enjoyed. If we get a chance to take the flick in as Adam Marcus had meant, we may be able to enjoy the film even more. Lord knows there’s room for added love.

If you’re a big fan of the film, sign the petition right here.

“Jared Johnson and Brandon Scott Murphree are asking for everyone’s help, to bring attention to having Jason Goes to Hell made in a true “Director’s Cut”. Adam Marcus, director and co-writer of Jason Goes To Hell, has expressed interest in this being made. Many scenes were cut and unused during filming, including key special fx scenes showcasing the incredible work of KNB FX. Sadly, they never made the final cut. These scenes are strong contributions to this film and, best of all, they were shot. The footage exists, in fact many scenes were edited properly..nearly fully finished before being cut; and now we hope to have them cut back in to a definitive Jason Goes To Hell Uncut Director’s Cut the way Adam Marcus originally intended. We ask you to sign this petition in hopes we can pick up a company to work out this project and bring it to light! Please sign and help us get the attention that Jason Goes To Hell deserves!”

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