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The ‘Raw’ Soundtrack Will Be Available in a Matter of Days

Four, to be exact.

That’s right, the often eerie Raw score will be available on March 10th, and if you’re into collecting scores, or they just do it for your musical tastes, this is a must-have. I won’t dare say it’s as powerful as the film, as the movie really is a shocking sliver of cinema, but I will say it’s worth a 10 buck investment.

Here’s some additional 411 from the official press release:

Death Waltz Recording Company & Back Lot Music will release the soundtrack album for Focus World’s Raw, written and directed by Julia Ducournau, it was announced today. The soundtrack includes new music from composer Jim Williams. Death Waltz Recording Company, a division of Mondo, will release the soundtrack physically with gorgeously disturbing artwork by Candice Tripp and design by Jay Shaw, while Back Lot Music, a division of Universal Pictures, will release digitally, day- and-date with the film’s domestic release on March 10th. Death Waltz will also release the vinyl version, with pre-order available on March 10th as well.

British composer Jim Williams has worked with hundreds of artists as diverse as Mark Anthony, Pete Murphy, Maxi Priest and M- People, and has had long-term production and writing partnerships with the creators of multi-platinum selling albums by Natalie Imbruglia, Pixie Lott, Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears. Williams has since made his mark as a composer for many television series including BBC’s Hotel Babylon, for which he received an Ivor Novello Award nomination for his score. Williams has also scored featured films, most notably for award-winning director Ben Wheatley.

You can pre-order the soundtrack right here. And keep your eyes open and ready, the film itself will also be here on March 10th.

Check out the full tracklisting below:

1.) Introduction

2.) Alexia Crash

3.) Child Music 1: Coming of Age

4.) Specimen Jars in the Dark

5.) Child Music 2: Wonderment

6.) Cheval

7.) Growing Pains

8.) Bus Crash

9.) Child Music 3: Waltz

10.)  Cheveux

11.)  Child Music 4: Dark Reflection

12.)  Waxing and Waning

13.)  Finger Scene

14.)  Road Rage

15.)  Child Music 5: Innocence

16.)  Lust

17.)  Sheet Frenzy

18.)  Lost

19.)  Child Music 6: Reflections on Infancy

20.)  Love Lust

21.)  Blood Lust

22.)  Wild Love

23.)  Necromancy

24.)  Fight or Flight

25.)  Sisters

26.)  Finale

27.)  Raw Main Title Theme

28.)  End Credits: Finale Reprise 

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