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‘Freak Out’ Snags an Early Spot on Our ‘Best of 2017’ List (Review)

Directed by: Boaz Armoni

Cast: Itay Zvolon, Kye Korabelnikov, Assaf Ben-Shimon

I’ll tell you what, we’ve seen a few really high caliber horror films come out of Israeli in recent years. Rabies and Big Bad Wolves were awesome flicks. JeruZalem was a creative and entertaining found footage flick. Freak Out had some serious steps to follow in. So was director Boaz Armoni really up to the task of creating a picture as satisfying as those already mentioned?

Bet your bank account he was!

Armoni does a great job creating likeable and memorable characters. He understands that an ensemble needs organization, but it needs flavor and variety, as well. He gives us that. He also gives us some terrific shots on a number of occasions. It seems these days an editor is every bit as important as a director, as he’s elemental in putting the story together properly. But you can see that Armoni has some atypical filming ideas and that really helps the story feel special.

As a quick side note, I want it known that Amit Ginton does a hell of a job editing the picture. It all comes together wonderfully under the hands and eyes of Ginton and Armoni, who ultimately deliver a perfectly grimy aesthetic quality. It lends to a degree of realism that we don’t typically see in genre-related war films, and we’ve seen some good ones… just not quite as believable as this particular beauty.

You’ve no doubt noticed a lack of plot details thus far, and that’s no accident. The less you know about this flick the better. It’s got a few well-thought out ideas and a few perfectly executed nerve disrupters. It’s good, and though I want to tell you the details, I just can’t bring myself to do it. This is what I’ll give you: All hell breaks loose at a small military compound where a very small handful of soldiers must determine who’s responsible for the carnage tucked away on the compound, and better yet, can they survive an encounter with the mysterious attacker?

Freak Out is a blast of a flick, loaded with laughter, terror and unforgiving brutality… all this wrapped in the paper of a buddy flick, pulled off by young but exceptional performers. It’s a mighty fine piece of work that’s earned an early slot on our Best of 2017 list, so when you get the chance to see this one (it’ll be available on April 11th), don’t hesitate.

Rating: 4.5/5

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