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The Top 5 Netflix Exclusive Shows

Netflix has launched a lot of original content over the last two years. The bulk of it – regardless of genre – is good stuff. But horror may be benefiting by Netflix’s growing exclusive lineup more than any other genre. There are some dark genius shows on Netflix now, and hopefully you’re already watching them. If you’re not, here’re the five best genre shows available on Netflix today!

5              Black Mirror

The Twilight Zone for the technology driven society, Black Mirror is creative in key spots, sports a string of superb episodes and never ceases to amaze with the A-caliber talent involved in the series. This one is a must-add to the list because let’s face it, this one appeals to an absolutely enormous demographic. Good show, strong fan base, more than worth your time if you haven’t already seen it!

4              Trollhunters

I am, was and always will be a big sucker for great cartoons. Trollhunters fits the bill. But if you’re already feeling leery about this pick, you should know that Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus are behind the novel that inspired this series. The novel (I covered it here) is one of the best I’ve read in years, and the series, which features voice work from the late, great Anton Yelchin, is infectious and fun. Again, fit for old or young alike.

3              Santa Clarita Diet

The comedic chops of Timothy Olyphant have never shined brighter, and although Drew Barrymore is in dire need of some help with those eyebrows, she’s still great. It’s a crazy cannibal comedy that pulls no punches, leaves no joint unsmoked and frequently leaves our stars drenched in blood after Drew feasts on some poor unsuspecting soul. Brilliance, right here.

2              Making a Murderer

If you can watch one single episode of this documentary and avoid being hooked, you’re amazing. The story of Steven Avery is so far beyond fascinating it is unreal. Even if documentaries aren’t typically for you, I’d implore you to look into this one!

1              Stranger Things

There hasn’t been a show before or after to arrive on Netflix that’s left me more impressed by Stranger Things. It’s a perfect throwback to the ‘80s, and if you’re an ‘80s baby like myself, this show hits all the perfect notes. It’s fun, there’s great mystery to the narrative, the characters are amazing and supernatural elements of the story absolutely rock. Stranger Things takes the cake, hands down.

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