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14 Years Later You Can See the Freddy vs Jason Live Weigh In!

Damn near 15 years ago two of today’s largest horror icons collided when Freddy met Jason in a brutal beat down session in the appropriately titled Freddy vs. Jason. New Line set up all sorts of promotion for the release of the film, which marked one of only two true major monster crossover films of our generation (the other being AVP, which did spawn AVP:R… but we won’t talk about that right now).

One of those numerous stunts was a public weigh-in/face-off between Krueger and Voorhees. It was handled just as (for the most part) a weigh-in event for a mixed martial arts or boxing match would be held. Robert Englund showed up decked out as Freddy and Ken Kirzinger came dressed as the dreaded Jason.

It was a… interesting affair, as you’ll see below.

According to the video this one comes our way courtesy of Leroy Patterson @HumanTackboard and

Don’t be afraid to weigh in with thoughts of your own on this one… those should be interesting!

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