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An Indie Classic in the Making, ‘Bigfoot the Movie’ Must Be Seen (Review)

Directed by: Jared Show

Cast: Nate Magill, Curt Wootton, Joanie Dodds, Jared Show

I’m an absolute fanatic for Bigfoot flicks and buddy comedies. They’ve just always seemed to float my boat. When I see both a Bigfoot and buddies laughing it up, my curiosity tends to peak, and it’s nearly impossible to prevent myself from hunting these movies down. Fortunately for me, I got Bigfoot the Movie in as a screener, so no disc hunt for me.

Getting too detailed seems like a bit of an injustice, as we get some stellar surprising moments from the production… and they’re typically anchored in strong comedy. With the setup this one aligns, it isn’t hard to see why the film works so well. I mean how can you go wrong with two drunken scrubs, one rocking a way over the top, fake mullet (priceless), constantly downing shots of liquor before heading out to hunt Bigfoot, eager to avenge the death of their best friend?

The synopsis only sounds slightly outlandish, but the film is definitely outlandish enough to remember. The acting misses the mark in a few places – typically inside the first act – but once the movie gains a little steam, it proves relentlessly insane with quality content and well-timed punchlines. The film’s two leads, Chuck and Dale (Curt Wootton and Nate Magill, respectively), work great together and allow an organic chemistry to expand as the film moves forward. These guys are bad ass, plain and simple.

On the technical end of things there are some talented folks behind the scenes. They haven’t given us a perfect piece of work here, but they have given us quite the memorable buddy comedy. These character were written to be adored, and adored they will be.

I have a few complaints, other than the brief skimming we’ve already covered, but I don’t really care to dig much deeper. When all is said and done there’s more here to enjoy than ignore. The characters are great, the conflict and structuring of the conflict is great and there’s a pretty cool Bigfoot on display. If you love a micro budget pic that squeezes for every last drip of promise until it plummets to earth in a splatter of graphic success, then you’re going to find Bigfoot the Movie is a bona fide micro classic (there’s a strange Sam Raimi/Evil Dead vibe to it, as well).

Rating: 3.5

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