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‘I Baked Him a Cake’ isn’t Horror but it is Well-Assembled (Review)

Directed by: Vanessa Ionta Wright

Cast: Fleece, Lillian Gray

I’m not entirely certain of how this submission ended up in front of me, as it isn’t a horror film, at least not in any logical sense, really. But what it is successful in accomplishing is hammering the impact of a broken home and precisely what it can do to our children, let alone ourselves. In that sense, I Baked Him a Cake just may open a few eyes out there.

The film actually has a very nice interior setting that could have been transformed slightly to reflect a bygone era. It could’ve added a different vibe to the film altogether, which may have been an interesting maneuver.

Vanessa Ionta Wright does an excellent job in directing from a script written by Samantha Kolesnik. And I don’t think we can praise Lillian Gray, who had a rather imposing work load on her hands – enough for the stellar effort she invested in this project.

It must be said, I Baked Him a Cake was strange (but well-shot), a little eerie, awfully sad, and it was all those things wrapped up in a big gift bag that read you have no idea what you’re getting into!

Rating: 3.5/5


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