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Watch the Nutty Short Film ‘Techno Western’

Techno Western Movie

… and prepare to have your mind blown!

In the style of TRUE DETECTIVE, STAND BY ME, IT, X-FILES, and STRANGER THINGS, a young boy imitates a popular bounty hunter character by embarking on a journey to hunt down a mysterious man lurking in his hometown.

Techno Western is a short film from filmmakers Jordan Downey & Kevin Stewart (ThanksKilling, Critters: Bounty Hunter) which premiered at the 2016 Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. Hopefully we’ll see this impressive film in an anthology segment soon!

Dylan McDonald, Justin Rose, and Nick Soole star.

You can watch the full short below!


A young boy imitates a popular bounty hunter character by embarking on a journey to hunt down a mysterious man lurking in his hometown.

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1 Comment on Watch the Nutty Short Film ‘Techno Western’

  1. jadenarcissius // June 9, 2017 at 12:19 pm // Reply


    I do not get it?!? WTF? I love, love horror/thriller short films, seek them out, and enjoy the hell out of many of them..but this, I’m honestly just lost as to what it’s meaning is? I get that the boy was obviously being raised by his older brother, and he seemed to be left alone to fend for himslef when the brother was not at home.. I understand that the young boy had patterned himself after the animated bounty hunter he watched on tv, and that there was a suspicious man lurking around their town..This man was thought to be responsible for a couple of people who’d gone missing from the area. Young boy, decked out as bounty hunter, collects clues, and finds himself led to this suspicious stranger’s hide out(the station wagon), sneaks inside the vehicle, and as the stranger starts to drive off with hidden child in the back seat, he tells the boy that “he shouldn’t have come there”.. cut to the next scene being in daylight as the station wagon drives off from the same deserted area, and we’re shown that the boys handgun is left behind on the ground(the pistol he’d stolen out of big brother’s truck).

    We see the station wagon traveling along the roads as the stranger is driving “home”, as we listen to the radio announcer report that the young boy(reported missing by his older brother), is just the latest supposed victim of a man named by police name as a suspect..they also mention that the older brother has not been seen, or heard from, since his contacting police to report his brother missing..

    Cut to the stranger’s trailer where we see him piddling around and flipping through TV channels(one of which is the animated bounty hunter TV show that the little boy had fashioned himself after), when in busts the older brother with the supposedly “left behind” pistol that the little brother had at the time of the abduction.. The older brother visibly upset, and shaking, questions the stranger as to where his little brother is.. Stranger is unaffected as he just stares blankly(appears to be blind?..), while the big brother pulls back hammer on pistol as he’s pointing it directly at the does not shoot, and while he is still visibly shaken we hear police sirens in the distance… THE END… WTF?

    Please, someone help me as to just what in the hell that I missed, and/or what I misconstrued, misunderstood, etc, about this 15+ min horror short film?


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