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7 of the Top 20 Highest Domestic Grossing Films of 2017 Are Horror Movies

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We’re only a handful of months into 2017 and horror is already making waves at the box office. The genre rarely seems to shine for any extended time, but this looks like the year of change! If you want to know what horror film has raked in the most dough, read on!

(Box Office Position #4) Get Out

Get Out turned countless heads thanks to a haunting premise, a beautiful picture, some stellar performances, and believe it or not, a little genre ingenuity. Who would’ve thought that possible? Get Out is a great flick, and it’s worth every penny of its $162 million haul.

(Box Office Position #5) Kong: Skull Island

The flick looks absolutely awesome, with some of the stronger CGI we’ve seen in quite some time. The movie moves along in speedy fashion, so you don’t have to wait an hour before the titular beast – and all sorts of other critters – takes to action. This is a great pick for your kids. The film is off and running with a current total of $156 million.

(Box Office Position #6) Split

Here’s where things get dark. M. Night Shyamalan’s career resurgence continues on with the story of a man with multiple personalities… many of which aren’t nice. One of which is damn near not of this world. This is stellar flick, and James McAvoy turns in an Oscar worthy performances. Split, being one of Shyamalan’s more successful flicks has garnered $137 million in ticket sales.

(Box Office Position #13) The Great Wall

The Great wall has only pulled in $45 million dollars, but you know what? It looks pretty cool, it’s got some strong performers attached and it’s still hanging out inside the Box Office top 20. That’s enough to earn my respect.

(Box Office Position #18) Underworld: Blood Wars

I know the novelty of the Underworld franchise has faded quite a bit. The problem with that is, Blood Wars, what may or may not be the final film in the franchise, was better than a few of the other installments. It featured a cool villain, tons of action and, well, duh – Kate Beckinsale! However, even with Beckinsale’s lovely self attached, the picture still only drew $30 million at the Box Office.

(Box Office Position #19) Rings

I can’t speak on Rings. It looked terrible to me. I wasn’t drawn to any single aspect of the flick. That said, it is positioned at number 19 with $27 million banked.

(Box Office Position #20) Life

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I haven’t had the chance to check out Life, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about the flick and it’s already pulled in $27 million. That’s a number that’s likely to grow in the next two or three weeks.

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