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Super Spirited ‘The Madame in Black’ is Haunting in a Hammer Way (Review)

Madame in Black Movie

The Madame in Black may run a scant 24 minutes runtime, but director Jarno Lee Vinsencius understands the process of speedy dread. Vinsencius wastes no time in ratcheting up the tension. If this were a feature length film I’d be concerned (the never ending scares of a 90 minute movie can become a bit repetitive), but since we’re dealing with a picture that doesn’t dabble with the 30 minute mark, even final credits included, the pace is phenomenal. And the jolts are legit.

We’ve got a strong young cast here who are convincing in their supernatural entrapment. Most of these personalities different significantly, so you can place a safe bet that one of the characters you like, might very well meet an untimely demise.

The story – I suppose I should get through that – focuses on a brother and sister who used to play a game in which they’d gaze into a mirror and chat a name three times before an evil force worked its way through said mirror and into our world, where pain is a harsh reality. These two played the game as children, and were left a bit traumatized. But 22 years later they reunite with a few friends, only to put their fears to bed by once more playing the game.

The problem is, their fears weren’t laid to rest, they’re just beginning.

I love the atmosphere of the flick. There’s this constant dread – increased by thick plumes of fog and dark lighting, the sky only illuminated by the full moon… it almost feels like a vintage Hammer picture unearthed and restored. It looks beautiful, the sound is crisp, and again, the onscreen performances are quite memorable. Do yourself a favor and look into this one the first chance you get!

Rating: 4/5

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