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Once Upon a Time Freddy Krueger Was a Bossed Out Rapper with this Awesome Rap Single!

Freddy Krueger the Rap Star

At the height of his popularity, Freddy Krueger did it all. He made countless television appearances, got involved with public face-offs with his longtime nemesis Jason Voorhees. There were Krueger costumes, action figures, and collectible accessories. You could even pick up high end Krueger gloves (these were a tough sell, for obvious reasons).

But did you realize that Freddy Krueger was once… a rapper? Not only was he a rapper, he got down on a wonderfully cheesy collaboration with The Fat Boys, so you know this murderer’s street cred was through the roof… and perhaps through the bellies of these Fat Boys… from the inside out.

In case you weren’t around in 1988, or you’ve missed this priceless gem over the years, we’re going to bring it back to life, because let’s keep it real here: Freddy Krueger’s got the mic skills to pay the bills!

Watch this vintage video below. And if you feel compelled to crack a few jokes in the comments section, well hell, I can’t even pretend to fault you!

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