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‘Sam Was Here’ is a Brutal Mindbender in a Desolate Realm (Review)

Sam Was Here Movie

Directed by: Christophe Deroo

Cast: Rusty Joiner, Sigrid La Chapelle, Rhoda Pell

Sam’s a down on his luck, traveling salesman who, after some dreaded car troubles, finds himself deep in the scorching Mojave Desert. He’s doing all he can to get the hell out of the heat and into some comfy climate, but that entire notion changes the moment he sees a strange red light in the sky. It’s no natural phenomenon, and Sam knows it. Even more disconcerting, the longer the man remains trapped in this desolate area, the stranger things become. A slew of seemingly random and myopic occurrences unravel before the man’s eyes… but is it only a matter of time before Sam unravels?

With the man’s escalating troubles (the poor bastard undergoes just about every nightmare in the book) it’s hard to imagine him avoiding cracking up by the midway point of the film. We’ll see what kind of moxy this Sam fellow has.

Holding back the details of this lunacy is killing me. The entire film is one random mind bender, and poor Sam seems to absorb the brunt of everything that could possibly go wrong. And everything does go wrong. Everything, and a whole lot more.

But why? Why is this happening to Sam?

The plot details are over. If you want to know what becomes of Sam – who Sam is, you’re going to need to rent or purchase the film. It’s such a grim, bleak piece of work that it’s no doubt worth looking into. It may leave you feeling hopeless and filthy, but the picture’s technical refinement and the work of the cast completely negate any con you can point to in the film.

Sam Was Here may not be an outright genre film, but it’s going to fit the taste of most genre fanatics. It’s ugly as hell, and that’s an unorthodox quality that a lot of us weirdos have come to embrace with open arms.

Rating: 4/5

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1 Comment on ‘Sam Was Here’ is a Brutal Mindbender in a Desolate Realm (Review)

  1. Who killed Sam? I didn’t get the story.
    Why his wife says my husband died 5 year a go?


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