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Check Out the First Clip from Mickey Keating’s ‘Psychopaths’

Psychopaths movie

Mickey Keating has been carving out a nice genre groove over the last few years. While he hasn’t hit a homerun with every at bat, his flicks Ritual, Pod and Darling are all extremely entertaining, well-made flicks. And now, Mickey’s back with what could be another winner: Psychopaths.

The first clip from the film is now officially available to check out, and it looks mighty promising. You can get a look at that clip directly below.

Keating will write in addition to directing.

Ashley Bell, Jamie Ann Burke, Larry Fessenden, Jeremy Gardner and Matt Mercer star.

The film is currently making the festival rounds.

Here are a few details he shared with

…I wanted to make Psychopaths ultra-glamorous, and really colorful. All about composition and camera-movement as much as it’s about the characters. We looked to movies like Dressed To Kill, Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, Enter The Void – those kinds of really beautiful, hyper-stylized, colorful movies. The script is super violent and super blunt, so I wanted to make sure my cast understood it’s not going to be just another exploitation flick, or B-Movie.

There are parts of Psychopaths that I wanted to look like Paul Schrader’s Hardcore. I lifted lighting techniques from that, and Graham Skipper plays the owner of a club who looks like he should be beaten up by George C. Scott.

And here’s the pic’s synopsis:

Set over the course of a single night, this psychedelic fever dream features an ensemble of maniacal characters, all interconnected by a series of violent coincidences and chance encounters. Part neo-noir, part slasher film, PSYCHOPATHS follows the soul of a recently executed serial killer, as it descends back to earth and possesses his many followers beneath the full moon.

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