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What the F… Is This a Real Life Alien Face-hugger?

Now wait a minute… is that a real life face-hugger from Alien?

Sometimes you just see some silly stuff online, and you can’t help but laugh, be bewildered, and occasionally flinch. In the case of the meme you’re about to see below, you’re going to flinch. Probably more than once.

This is said to be a sea spider. Well, you can say that all you want. That there is one of them damn face-huggers that like to impregnate ship members. I’ve seen the Alien films, I know how these scumbags work.

One minute you’re all friendly with the freaky bastard…

Real Life Face Hugger from Alien Movie

Then the next thing you know you can’t breathe worth a damn…

Another Alien Facehugger

That ugly arachnid drops dead after stuffing some love sauce down your throat and into your chest and by the time you’ve had a smoke, showered and washed all that fluid from every orifice, you’re naturally starving…

Kane in Alien movie

But nobody ever tells you there’s a 24 hour waiting period between conception and consumption, so this happens, because you were just sooo hungry…

Then you die.

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