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Real Footage of a Haunted Morgue in Brazil?

Haunted Morgue

While perusing “haunted videos” I’ve stumbled upon a handful of creepy little slivers of footage. Most seem quite easy to debunk, but not all of them. The one I’m going to share with you today, however, could easily be rigged. That doesn’t change the creepy factor behind the video, though.

The video you’re about to see was shot in a medical facility in Cuiabá, and it may very well be a hoax, but at the same time, it’s mighty eerie, to say the least. The footage was captured by a security guard who was making the rounds when he heard some troubling noise coming from the morgue.

You’re going to see some flickering lights, but more troubling is the red morgue door repeatedly slamming shut… until the security guard gets a little too close. The door abruptly stops,

The footage looks like it spilled right out of a horror film, and that might very well be the case. One thing however, is certain, it scared the hell out of this security guard, and while a stunt like this wouldn’t be too challenging to make happen, the guard gets a good up-close-and-personal look at things, and we certainly don’t see any strings or mechanisms.

Is this legit footage of a haunted location, or an elaborate hoax that – admittedly – looks pretty authentic.

Watch the video below, and you be the judge: Real or fake?

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