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Film to Print: Comic Coverage – Fright Night #3 (Review)

Fright Night Issue #3

A quick note: No part of this book whatsoever is featured in the films, but since I started this column, I’m going to stick with it until I’ve wrapped the final issue.

It’s painful to be blunt and honest, but Fright Night #3 jumps a great white, right from the jump. The story is just so far distanced from anything thus far revealed, that it’s almost tough to get through the book. Just the same, I have faith in Joe Gentile and his bold writing, and Lenin Delsol hasn’t disappointed with the pencil yet, so I’ve got no choice but to march forward and hope the book closes in grand fashion.

As left field as it may sound, we get an alien invasion type of tale from issue three. The aliens however, don’t resemble your ideal image of an alien; these creatures look like alien vampire bats. And they attach themselves to human heads with their gnarly teeth, feed until the human is deceased, and then proceed to use the body as a host.

I told you it was a weird issue.

Here’s where the tide changes, though: roles find themselves reversed, and after being attacked, it’s Peter Vincent calling Charley Brewster for a little assistance. Oh, how the times have changed for these two.

Our heroic types happen to stumble upon a way to rid their town of the giant space shop hanging out and all the weird alien vampire bats wreaking havoc in the streets. The ending does feel a bit rushed, and it feels like Gentile took a pretty safe exit on this story. Then again, I’m not sure how in the world you properly wrap up a story like this!

Rating: 3/5

Fright Night Comic issue 3 cover

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