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See Footage from Alfred Hitchcock’s Lost Film ‘Kaleidoscope’


These days younger generations don’t seem to be too familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s work, outside of Psycho and The Birds, of course. But the truth is, Alfred Hitchcock made a lot of really strong films. There were a few flops in there, and Hitchcock didn’t always ride the Hollywood stallion, but he was gifted, and he left behind a number of exceptional films.

One that he didn’t make, however, was Kaleidoscope, which was to tell the story of a juicehead, body builder who got his kicks out abusing and eventually murdering women. Rumor has it, a lot of those scenes were planned to be extraordinarily graphic in nature.

Ultimately, producer Lew Wasserman shut Kaleidoscope (okay, so it wasn’t really lost, so much as axed) down. Was it a direct result of the intensity of the film? We probably all know the answer to that.

But these days Kaleidoscope is a water cooler topic among hardcore horror buffs, so it is an awesome pleasure to share a little footage of the film with you!

BTW, a nice little hat tip out in the direction of Youtuber Meline’s File!

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