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Let Rod Serling Tell You Why You Should DEFINITELY Be Supporting ‘Kuru #1’!

Kuru #1

Brian Flint’s Kuru looks absolutely bonkers. As an enormous fans of comic books and graphic novels, I can’t get behind this one enough. In fact, if I had a grand or so laying around, I’d chuck it in this direction right here!

You can watch the extremely cool kickstarter pitch video directly below, but don’t stop at the video, there’s more greatness to be found below!

Here’s some additional info that you may find valuable:

Kuru is a horror comic book series that I’ve been working on for the past year. The stories lean towards a Monster Movie/Science Fiction vibe with elements of Body Horror and a few Occult themes. My goal was to create a comic with crazy visuals, scary supernatural creatures and that grisly gory good stuff we all love to see in our favorite horror media. Couple that with unique, funny, likable characters and BLAZAM! You’ve got HELLBO-(ahem!)-you’ve got KURU!

Volume 1 is a 66 – 70+ page book written and illustrated by me, Brian Flint. It contains one main story and a few shorter seemingly unrelated vignettes. The book is completely written and I’m finishing up the pages of the main story right now!

If this is looking like the kind of project you can really get behind, we strongly encourage you to hit the Kickstarter page and make a pledge. This book looks insanely promising, and we’d love to check it out sooner as opposed to later!

And finally, here’s a little extra motivation that fans are going to adore!

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