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5 Answers We DIDN’T Get from ‘Alien: Covenant’

Why did David release the goo on the Engineers’ world?

The great mission of Prometheus was to meet the Engineers and hopefully obtain a little insight into their ideologies behind man’s creation and place on earth… oh, and what looked to be plans to whipe the entire human race out. The Prometheus crew definitely wanted to know what that was about. Things got hectic and heated. We didn’t get the answers. I get it.

But… if David arrives on this surprisingly lush land, and he sees that it is inhabited by a hundred Engineers or so, why doesn’t he take the time to possibly pursue those questions further? We know he’s obsessed with the idea and the act of creation. For a cybernetic with such curiosity coursing through his wires, you’d think we may see some exploration and interaction before immediately exterminating every last Engineer on the planet.

Maybe he’s just every bit as curious about genocide as creation?

Question three.

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