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5 Answers We DIDN’T Get from ‘Alien: Covenant’

Did Walter survive his battle with David, and if so will he play a major role in the next Alien film?

Alien: Covenant Where's Walter

The big twist that isn’t at all a twist and is all but expected after David expresses a very serious air of superiority over his own creator, Peter Weyland in the opening moments of the movie, comes to a somewhat secretive head when David apparently gets the better of Walter in a one on one confrontation that takes place off-screen (for the most part), replacing him among the only surviving members of the Covenent, Daniels and Tennessee.

It’s painfully obvious that, as Daniels and Tennessee battle the seemingly last of the Xenomorphs clinging to their vessel, that Walter isn’t Walter, he’s David – who’s taken Walter’s clothes and replicated his injuries to fool the final survivors. Daniels and Tennessee jump in their sleep pods, and in that moment Daniels looks into “Walter’s” eyes and realizes she’s been duped, and that it’s David onboard, not Walter.

But none of that sits well with me. The first half of the battle between David and Walter does take place on screen and we learn a few important things about these robots. First, in the 10 years to pass since David and Shaw crashed on the planet, some major upgrades have been made to the synthetic units, in large part, to make the humans feel more comfortable. However, they’ve also gotten some combat upgrades. Walter is sharp in battle, and though David believes he ends his synthetic twin’s existence quickly, we see that one of those new improvements was the ability to rapidly heal one’s self.

The last we see of David and Walter tangled up, we see Walter has gotten the upper hand, and holds superior position (mount) over his foe. But David is reaching for a knife, unseen by Walter.

So what?

Walter heals almost instantly, so what did David manage to do with that knife (which, for the record, wasn’t exactly a head-lopping sized blade) that truly ended Walter? How did he have the chance to finalize altering his own look to mirror Walter, if – even a beaten – Walter can recover in a matter of seconds?

What’s the catch?

Did Walter stay behind for a reason?

Did Walter find a way to also sneak aboard the Covenant, which we’ll see in Ridley Scott’s next Alien picture?

None of it makes a lot of sense.

Question five.

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