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5 Answers We DIDN’T Get from ‘Alien: Covenant’

What the Hell is David up to?

David in Alien: Covenant

As the film ends we know that David is in control of the Covenant, and he’s got a few thousand colonists to work with. He could conceivably create a sizable army of aliens. But why? Just for the joy of creation? And better yet, what’s he plan to do with the colonists after the Xenomorphs have had the chance to transform a massive human vessel into a massive alien-housing death ship? Are there plans to explore other planets, or is David ambitious enough to shoot for the big dog, earth, where the aliens will be free to overrun the human populace in a matter of days?

If David kills every last human being in existence… would he eventually become a little lonely? Or does he feel more at home with his perfect-weapon creature crew?

What the hell is David up to?

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