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5 Horror Contributors with Shocking Criminal Backgrounds

Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart on the other hand, did run someone down. Back in 2001 Gayheart was in a rush, and since she was a hot-shot movie star, she apparently felt as though the road belonged to her… even when a poor nine-year-old child crossed the street – in the crosswalk. Gayheart’s reckless driving saw her speed around bumper-to-bumper traffic, clearly in a hurry, only to strike the child, causing fatal injuries. Gayheart’s career (which did seem on track after appearing in films like Urban Legend, Scream 2 and From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter) took a sudden and very deserved lashing, and no longer were filmmakers or studios interested in hiring the child killer. I hate to say it, but Gayheart got everything she had coming to her, and then some. Oh, and for the record, unlike every other name on this list, Gayheart was never able to regain status as an A-list celebrity.

Note: As a father of three, I firmly believe this woman should have spent plenty of time in the clink!

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