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5 Horror Contributors with Shocking Criminal Backgrounds

Charles S. Dutton

Charles S. Dutton is a very interesting case, because the truth is a cruel set of circumstances led to the man initially being sentenced to prison for manslaughter in 1967. Dutton, who had a brief background as a boxer found himself in a fight with another man. The fight, as reports indicated, involved no weapons, and according to rumors, Dutton acted in self-defense. Regardless, the fight led to the death of the man whom Dutton had battled, and he was subsequently imprisoned for seven years. But Dutton’s time in the clink wasn’t over. Months after being released from prison he was caught with a firearm, and sent back to the slammer for an additional three years.

It’s a good think Dutton turned his life around, as he’s one of the finest performers in the business today and that can be seen in pictures such as Mimic, Legion and Alien 3, to name a few.

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