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5 Horror Contributors with Shocking Criminal Backgrounds

Victor Salva

Here we have the offender of all offenders, former child molester, Victor Salva. Salva’s promising career came crashing down in 1988 when it was discovered that he’d engaged in sexual acts with one of his Clownhouse stars. Salva filmed these taboo escapades and the law – rightfully – caught up to him and his despicable trophies, so to speak. There are few things worse than abusing a child, but Salva had no qualms in stealing a 12-year old boy’s innocence. Amazingly, Salva served less than 16-months in prison. The punishment didn’t seem to fit the crime. However, to Salva’s credit, we’ve heard nothing of any form of repeat offense (or any interaction with the law, for that matter) in the 30 years to pass. It seems Salva may possibly be one of the rare reformed criminals. Reformed or not, the ugly side of his history hasn’t stopped him from making quality films – most notably the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

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