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10 Amazing Onscreen Decapitations

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Characters – in horror and just about every other film genre in existence – have been lopping off heads for ages. While a lot of the decapitations we’ve seen over the years look dull, uninspired and offensively fake, every once in a while we get a really, really gruesome and awesome display. That’s what this piece is about – sharing the grotesque!

Byzantium – Clara’s first victim aka some poor bastard

Byzantium is an absolutely beautiful and captivating vampire tale. Naturally, this jaw-dropping decapitation is my favorite part. They don’t make them this realistic very often!

Haute Tension – Dad

Well, when it comes to creativity, nothing is topping this one. One poor alert father wanders down stairs at the sound of pounding on his door. What happens next involves a stair case, a book shelf and a stunning separation of head from body. Must. Watch. ASAP.

30 Days of Night – Billy

I’m just going to say it: after offing his own family to “spare” them, this bastard deserved to have his head hacked off in what proves to be a very real stomach turning scene.

The Omen – Jennings

Jesus god… I have no words… other than maybe ‘wow.’

Final Destination – Billy

Final Destination‘s Billy was so goofy and totally aloof that I really wanted him to survive this strange supernatural wave of death. He didn’t. This happened:

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – Julius

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Julius has more guts than 95-percent of men. The kid literally stood toe-to-toe boxing Jason up left and right, until Jason landed… once… and Julius’ head went flying into no man’s la

Sleepy Hollow – The Magistrate

I never cared much for the shady council overseeing Sleepy Hallow, so any time one of these scumbags gets his head lopped off, I cheer. This particular beheading just so happens to be my favorite of the film.

Jeepers Creepers 2 – Dante

Dante was so damn bad he had slick dance moves even when his head was no longer attached to his body. Tell me that’s not skill, and then you give it a try!

Let the Right One in – Jimmy

Let the Right One in was an insanely powerful film loaded with memorable scenes and characters to invest in. But nothing really stuck with viewers like that nasty booger, Jimmy, and the screenwriters did the only right thing to do: They ripped that brat’s head right off.

Hatchet – Old Lady

I’m not even certain this counts as this poor old lady doesn’t get the entirety of her head ripped off… just about 65-percent of it. Ahh, what the hell, it’s gloriously disgusting, so it makes the list!

Got a favorite onscreen beheading we missed? Drop a link to it in the comments section!

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