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Is Pennsylvania’s Charlie No-Face, AKA Green Man a Terrifying Urban Legend or Something Else Entirely?

Charlie No-Face

As we try to expand our content on the site we like to factor in as many tales rooted in reality as possible. Make no mistake, you’re still on a horror movie site, but when you see a story like this land in your inbox, you know you’ve got to follow up on it, because this is a narrative destined for cinema treatment.

A ghastly creature haunting Pittsburgh’s streets The Green Man was hideous to the eye and set residents on edge. If you lived in the Pittsburgh area, you dare not wander alone at night, as that’s when the monster felt safest in society. When no one could see him.

Children invented harrowing tales. They labeled him Charlie No-Face. Locals bought into this nightmare willingly. But the story wasn’t exactly accurate.

The Green Man is what some may still label an urban legend, but that wasn’t always the case. Before becoming The Green Man, he was known simply by his birth name, Raymond Robinson and he was your typical kid. Until he suffered severe burns that left him permanently disfigured.

He called Big Beaver home, and due to his deformity he most certainly did spend any outdoor time in the evening, walking a lengthy stretch of highway between Koppel and New Galilee, likely reliving memories of a better time before an electrical accident transformed him into Charlie No-Face, and changed his life forever.

Of course sightings of Charlie No-Face would surface from time to time, fueling the nightmare chatter of the locals. Sadly, he was nothing more than a young boy who made a careless mistake that altered his life up through adulthood, up until the time of his death on June 11, 1985 – just seven days before the 66th anniversary of his heartbreaking accident.

So there you have it folks, Charlie No-Face, aka The Green Man was no monster. He didn’t wander the streets at night looking for unsuspecting victims. He was a sad, lonely man who endured a cruel fate at a young age.

Here’s a very cool site you can check out that is chalk full of interesting information.

Here’s an up-close look at Charlie No-Face:

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