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‘Deirdre’ is Light on Scares but Heavy on Tension (Review)

Dierdre movie

Directed by: Jo Southwell

Cast: India Mullen (Deirdre), Seán Doyle (Niall), Elaine Fox (Mary), and Zeb Moore (Paddy)

Far more intense family drama than outright horror, Deirdre is thick with tension, a snake coiled up, just waiting for that moment to strike.

But the picture is slow, and the conflict – again – isn’t exactly bombastic. Deirdre is just your typical teen with a religious freak parental figure who makes teenage life hell, subsequently transforming a coming-of-age adventure into an experiment in human tolerance.

That may not sound so intense, but the mother/daughter relationship is quite strained and viewers never once feel too comfortable when both ladies are sharing screen time.

So, in short, think of Deirdre as a short Carrie… minus the supernatural elements… and the bloody prom… and the paralyzing shower scene… or – oh, come on, you catch my drift. Yes, this picture calls back to a few moments in Carrie, but it also has its own identity and that identity is outlined well for the viewer.

I wouldn’t have been mad at some quick graphic violence, but the flick is extremely well-shot, boasts excellent editing and a great sound mix to really allow these few performers to shine. Writer/director Jo Southwell has a world of potential. It should be interesting to follow her career trajectory.

Remember, Deirdre isn’t horror, but horror fans should enjoy the passion invested in the picture.

Rating: 3.5/5

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