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Horror Movies Still to Come In 2017! 

Written by: Wesley Thomas

So, 2017 has been a good year for horror movies at this point, but it is far from over! Here is still what’s to come!

– Annabelle: Creation (August)

Are we ready for some more creepy doll action?

– The Dark Tower (August)

Another amazing King adaptation with a top notch cast? We’re in!

– Flatliners (September)

A remake of one extremely underrated psychological flick.

– Amityville: The Awakening (June – Editor’s note: Amityville has again been bumped from it’s official release date – maybe we’ll see this one in 2018)

It’s about time is all I have to say!

– Insidious: Chapter 4 (October)

The latest chapter in the consistently impressive Insidious franchise.

– It (October)

Well, breaking a record for the most viewed trailer in history, I imagine this will rock the box office charts! To say I am excited, is an understatement.

– Cult of Chucky (October)

More creepy doll action, with a dose of comedy and crudeness. I’ve missed that red-haired psycho!

– Demon Hole (October)

An original movie, with an unusual plot. Drilling in Native American land never ends well. Do people not learn?

– Cloverfield: God Particle (October)

Well, we delve further into the craziness that was Cloverfield, a great first movie. The follow-up promises to be just as fantastic.

– Saw: Legacy (October)

It’s been a while, but he is back. Who knows what moral traps he’ll put people through this time around?

See? We’ve got plenty coming our way. What are you most excited for? I think we all know mine is ‘It’. What’s yours?

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