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How Much Money Has the Full ‘Friday the 13th’ Series Made at the Box Office?

Jason Voorhees has been stalking campers and camp counselors since 1981, and just a year before that his mother, Pamela carved her way through a group of attractive youngsters who got just a little too close to Camp Blood.

To the surprise of skeptical critics, Friday the 13th survived beyond a single installment, and has gone on to not only become one of the busiest franchises in the business today, it’s also been a consistent and solid earner for Paramount (and New Line and Warner). If anything, the franchise is a larger draw today than when the world first met Jason. It’s remarkable, and it’s lucrative.

Just as we did with Halloween we’re going to run through the complete Friday the 13th franchise and go over the total combined numbers.

Remember, these are worldwide tallies. And again, we’ve made no adjustments for inflation. These numbers are reflective of the years in which each particular film was released.

Friday the 13th Part 1


       Friday the 13th Part 2


 Friday the 13th Part 3


Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter


        Friday the 13th Part V


        Friday the 13th Part VI


Friday the 13th Part VII


Friday the 13th Part VIII


        Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


Jason X


Freddy vs. Jason


      Friday the 13th (2009)


On the way to a solid historical run through the theatrical ranks this franchise snagged a number of box office #1 debuts and turned the horror world on its head when we got the finest modern day monster crossover film, Freddy Vs. Jason.

But what did all the numbers come down to?

An impressive $445,239,523!

Move over, Michael – Jason is the bigger bread winner!

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