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‘Behind the Sightings’: New Flick Based on Creepy Clowns (trailer)

Just when you thought found footage was played out, here comes one to get excited about! (I swear the rest of this article won’t rhyme.)

First of all, the creepy clown sightings are real, as you probably remember from last year. People dressed as evil-looking clowns were spotted all over the country and several other continents. Some actually attacked and robbed people, and one incident involved a child claiming people dressed as clowns tried to lure him into the woods. Wikipedia has an exhaustive list of the sightings here, if you don’t mind that they need citations:

The filmmakers splice in real news footage of the phenomenon. The plot centers around a couple who want to investigate the sightings for themselves. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t go well for them.

The movie is planned for release in October, felicitously a month after ‘IT’ hits theaters. What a time to have coulrophobia.


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