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Horror Movies That Put the ‘Sick’ in Sicko!

The Last House on the Left

Written by: Wesley Thomas


Like sick, messed-up movies? This is the list for you!

WARNING: some of these films are deeply disturbing.

Tusk movie

The Last House on the Left 

What’s it about? 

A gang of deranged individuals wreak havoc among a nice family.

Why is it sick? 

There is a particularly graphic rape scene, which will churn your stomach!

Human Centipede

What’s it about?

A wannabe-doctor performs an insane procedure on three individuals.

Why is it sick? 

Many many scenes are horrific, forcing you to gag and cringe mightily.


What’s it about?

Buddies travel Europe, wanting nothing more than sight-seeing and sex. They come across a terrifying ‘business’ in the slums of Europe, ruining their vacation.

Why is it sick? 

Multiple moments of massacre and bloodshed.


What’s it about?

A man who wants to turn a woman into an obese monster.

Why is it sick? 

This is possibly one of the strongest films in a graphic manner, I’ve ever watched. It’s morbidly fascinating, but completely disgusting. As he force-feeds this woman, among other things, you’ll be gagging up a storm.

Wolf Creek 2 

What’s it about?

A psychotic Australian man with an odd moral compass.

Why is it sick? 

Among scenes of mutilation, there is a scene that stands out, where a man has his manhood chopped off. Men, prepare yourselves for this one!

Green Inferno 

What’s it about?

A group of New York student activists travel to the Amazon to save the rain forest, stumbling into a strange cult.

Why is it sick? 

Superman-strong scenes of cannibalism. Props to the special FX team as the cannibal parts are beyond realistic.


What’s it about?

A bizarre man who adores walruses finds himself interviewed by an American pod-caster. Only, the pod-caster uncovers more than he wanted.

Why is it sick?

Completely insane! A crazy old man literally tries to turn a young American dude into a walrus. This will have you repeatedly saying ‘what the f*ck?’

There you go. Prepare yourselves.


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