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Morbid Minds Love Watching Every Death in the ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise!


A brief discussion with an associate led to a direct request for a rundown of the Leprechaun movies. Well, it’s been years since I’ve seen any of those flicks, so I decided to track down some entertainment of a slightly different variety. What we’ve got for you below, courtesy of Youtuber Big Anthony Wright, is not the films themselves, but a look at all the death scenes from the first six Leprechaun flicks!

This video doesn’t include the death scenes in that strange and completely out-of-place “pseudo-prequel”, Leprechaun: Origins, and we’re okay with that. We all know that Warwick Davis will always be the Leprechaun. As for that Hornswoggle fellow… well, he can exercise his talents in the ring.

Here’s the video – keep your eyes open, these deaths come swift!

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