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[Video] Remember When George Clooney, Laura Dern AND Charlie Sheen Got Their Start in ‘Grizzly II: The Concert’?

George Clooney in Grizzly II

Ask most horror aficionados what flick George Clooney cut his acting teeth on and they’ll tell you Return to Horror High. The truth is, Clooney initially debuted as an uncredited extra in 1978’s Centennial before surfacing in the small production And They’re Off. Since neither of those two flicks were seen by more than 12 people, we don’t count ‘em!

If you want to take a look at Clooney’s first official horror appearance, though, you’ve got to hit rewind from his Return to Horror High Days, because before he appeared in that hokey but entertaining classic, he popped in this absolute masterpiece… with Laura Dern and Charlie Sheen!

Priceless, right?

There just aren’t many films as seamlessly crafted and creatively shot, edited and performed as the pitch-perfect horror musical, Grizzly II: The Concert. Add this A-list group of performers and you’re talking about cinematic platinum. Gold has nothing on this!

Check out these scenes, that feature all three young thespians vying for the coveted Oscar!

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