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10 Horror Movies Based on True Events; Watch the Videos of the TRUE Stories!

The Exorcist Still Pic

Written by: Wesley Thomas

When you read the following ‘based on true events’, does it give you extra chills? This isn’t just the vivid imagination of a writer, this actually happened! Yes, sometimes that is merely a marketing ploy, but other times it’s a promise. A promise that this did happen, and could happen again.

1) The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Firstly Jennifer Carpenter (White Chicks, Dexter, Quarantine) is superb. She portrays a truly terrifying woman possessed. When you know this did happen to a woman at some point, drinking urine, having convulsions and being offended by all religious items, you’ll be served with an extra dose of chill.

2) The Haunting in Connecticut.

A family moving into a Connecticut home with a son suffering cancer, and realizing it is haunted, did occur. Spanning back to the 1980s a family did actually move into a house that they strongly believed was haunted after several unexplained incidents.

3) The Conjuring.

Now, Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) are fantastic in their portrayal of a couple of paranormal investigators, based on a married couple that does exist, Lorraine and Ed Warren. This movie is frightening as hell, so to think this genuinely did happen, is unnerving, to say the least!

4) The Hills Have Eyes.

A family ravaged by hillbilly cannibals, including one horrific rape, happened?! Oh yes, it happened. A man named Sawney Bean married and had 14 kids, most of whom were the result of incest. The family were…gulp..cannibals, who resided in caves and murdered over a thousand people!

5) Annabelle.

A spin-off movie from The Conjuring produced this chilling flick, which stems from a true story. Eurgh. Creepy dolls. Yeah, real. Though the movie exaggerates the events, that doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

6) Jaws.

Christ-on-a-cracker! Jaws is based on a true story?! Maybe I won’t go for that summer break by the beach after all. Okay, so don’t panic. A great white didn’t repeatedly attack members of a family. But, there was a string of shark murders off the New Jersey shore in 1916 that sent people into a frantic panic, threatening tourism.

7) Open Water.

Again, another shark-related movie. A couple that got left behind while on a scuba diving trip and were stranded in the sea, vulnerable to drowning, starvation, and most importantly, great whites!

8) Paranormal Activity.

A couple convinced that their home is haunted, purchase cameras and set them up around the house, convinced they will find some form of paranormal activity. While loosely based on true events, it still begs the question, if you think you are being haunted, maybe don’t record them? They don’t like it.

9) Wolf Creek.

A psycho Australian man, basically an Aussie version of The Hitcher, terrorizes innocent people.
The real life story is a hitchhiker killer – Ivan Milat: captured and tortured many travelers during the 1990s.

10) The Exorcist.

And it only seems appropriate to end with one of the scariest movies of all time. Oh, and it just happens to be again, based on real events. The movie is based on a book which is based on a real-life tale of a young boy by the name of Roland Doe who is strongly believed to have been possessed in 1949. Several witnesses backed up the claims on this one. Extra chills!

Maybe you’ll think twice the next time you scoff at ‘based on real events’. Maybe a movie will record your haunting tale in the future.

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