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‘It’ Will Have an R Rating

Unlike its predecessor, which was made-for-TV (1990 TV, no less), the reboot of ‘It’ won’t be constrained in terms of scares. The movie was given an R due to “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.”

It sounds like a 180 from the original, which relied mostly on Tim Curry’s horrifying performance as Pennywise and the occasional giant fake spider. Not that Bill Skarsgard isn’t scary; he did scare the bejabbers out of a crew of child extras who hadn’t yet seen him in his makeup.

All the more reason to have hope that the reboot will be at least equal to the original. Hey, there’s no mention of sexuality by the MPAA, so we can safely assume they aren’t enacting the sewer orgy from the book. Phew!

It’ll be released on September 8.


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