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Have You Seen Every Death Scene from the ‘Jaws’ Franchise?

It’s summer time, and that means plenty of us will take to the water to cool down and just take it easy. Unless you’ve recently watched Jaws, that is. If you’ve been enjoying the legendary aquatic franchise, you’re probably steering clear of any sizable bodies of water.

And that’s where we come into play.

We’re here to ensure you enjoy the hell out of the Jaws franchise without becoming too concerned with the deep blue sea. What better way to do that than to skip the mystery, tension and build-up of each film and get right down to the Hollywood slaughter scenes?

Sure, there’s a little bit of gore here, but you all know how it goes – on the horror scene, the syrup flows, and in this case, it turns water a terrifying red.

Check out every death scene from the Jaws franchise below, from the safety of your home!

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