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From Classic to Contemporary, DVD and Blu-ray Collectors Have All Sorts of Options This Week!

It’s a solid week for disc releases! We’ve got some low budget affairs headed home, some marquee titles and even a true classic or two that definitely deserve to be seen. Check out the DVDs and Blu-rays that hit shelves this week. You will not be disappointed!

6 Models in Hell

Six Philadelphia models meet up and arrive at a decrepit warehouse on a gloomy day to audition for a fashion show being put on by one of the biggest agencies in town. They are introduced to Glen, the MC for the audition, who ushers them into a dilapidated elevator that only goes to the fourth floor. These models will do anything to become stars, but little do they know that Glen is a raging psychopath who has deceived them all. To their horror, they realize that Glen somehow knows all about their innermost demons and intends to judge them for past sins.

The Angry Red Planet

The first spaceship to Mars, presumed lost, is found in space and brought back to Earth by remote control. Only two from an initial crew of four are still alive, but one is unconscious due to an attached alien growth, while the other is traumatized, blocking out all memory of what happened. In hopes to save the unconscious crewman, the amnesiac is interrogated back into remembering.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

It’s just another night at the morgue for a father (Brian Cox) and son (Emile Hirsch) team of coroners, until an unidentified, highly unusual corpse comes in. Discovered buried in the basement of the home of a brutally murdered family, the young Jane Doe—eerily well preserved and with no visible signs of trauma—is shrouded in mystery. As they work into the night to piece together the cause of her death, the two men begin to uncover the disturbing secrets of her life. Soon, a series of terrifying events make it clear: this Jane Doe may not be dead. The latest from Trollhunter director Andre Ovredal is a scarily unpredictable, supernatural shocker that never lets up.

The Belko Experiment

In a twisted social experiment, a group of 80 Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office in Bogata, Colombia and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.

Death Line (aka Raw Meat)

Beneath Modern London Lives a Tribe of Once Humans. Neither Men nor Women… They are the Raw Meat of the Human Race!

When a prominent politician and a beautiful young woman vanish inside a London subway station, Scotland Yard’s Inspector Calhoun (Donald Pleasence of Halloween) investigates and makes a horrifying discovery. Not only did a group of 19th century tunnel workers survive a cave-in, but they lived for years in a secret underground enclave by consuming the flesh of their own dead. Now the lone descendant of this grisly tribe has surfaced, prowling the streets for fresh victims… and a new mate.

Norman Rossington (A Hard Day’s Night), David Ladd (The Wild Geese), Sharon Gurney (Crucible Of Horror), and the legendary Christopher Lee (Horror Of Dracula) also star in this heart-stopping horror classic co-written and directed by Gary Sherman (Dead & Buried). Originally recut and released as Raw Meat in the United States, now Death Line has been freshly transferred and fully restored in 2K from the original uncensored camera negative and comes fully loaded with exclusive new Extras produced for this release!

Don’t You Recognize Me?

Tony (Matthew Toman) is a documentary filmmaker who’s always on the lookout for interesting subjects, especially people who haven’t had things go so well in life. Following an online appeal for fresh subjects, Tony has been contacted by young man K (Jason Sherlock) – a loose cannon who lives in a rundown Dublin project. Along with cameraman Jamie and sound recorder Louise, Tony sets off by car to meet K and film the first of a projected reality series entitled A Day in the Life Of. The neighborhood is unwelcoming, but Tony and his small crew seem somewhat more at ease upon meeting the affable K. He leads them into his flat and introduces them to his meathead pal Nathan and his demure girlfriend. A few moments later he takes Tony to a flat two doors down and … introduces him to his other girlfriend! The tone shifts when Tony quizzes K about his upbringing. We learn that K’s dad was a locally renowned criminal, respected and feared by many up until his death by shooting. K has since taken on his absent role to some extent, especially since the more recent murder of one of his brothers – something he still grieves over. Following K and Nathan as they go about their business around the flats, Tony and friends quickly become aware of shady goings-on: K pinning a lad against a wall and demanding money, for example. A rogue, certainly – and perhaps not such a harmless one after all. Nervous now, the filmmakers continue to follow K and Nathan, who promise a nice little surprise for their visitors. They take them to a warehouse and introduce K’s big brother, the decidedly dubious Daz (Darren Travers) and a small group of miscreants including Goth chick Zoe who has a video camera of her own. Daz explains that, when they heard someone was going to make a documentary about K, they thought they’d help out and film events from another angle. Things are getting weird for Tony, but they will soon get much worse! The intense mood soon turns shockingly violent.

Feed The Light

Feed the Light

From producer/director/co-writer Henrik Möller comes a new landmark in underground Swedish horror, inspired by equal parts H.P. Lovecraft, David Lynch, and something far more disturbing: When her daughter is abducted by her ex-husband, a young mother will track the missing child and its father to a mysterious institution. But once inside, she will find herself trapped in a hallucinatory netherworld where reality turns amorphous, survival becomes parasitic, and an infested darkness lives and feeds in the light.

The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake

Jonathan Drake, while attending his brother’s funeral, is shocked to find the head of the deceased is missing. When his brother’s skull shows up later in a locked cabinet, Drake realizes an ancient curse placed upon his grandfather by a tribe of South American Jivaro Indians is still in effect and that he himself is the probable next victim. That night he is awakened by the approach of an Indian, his lips sewed together with string, and wielding a curare-tipped bamboo knife…

Land Shark

When Linda Regis, Director of Development at MALCO Oceanic Research, unravels a sinister plot to inject sharks with human DNA in the hope of creating a Super-Shark Super-Soldier, she becomes the target of a dangerous killer and the target of the monster of destruction – the human-shark hybrid Land Shark!

The Similars

In the wee hours of October 2, 1968, eight strangers wait for the bus in order to go to the city, enclosed at a bus station in a remote place. Rain has caused the road closure and the bus doesn’t seem to be close. Soon, the strangers become victims of a strange phenomenon, and they all start to physically look like one of them. Threatened by the paranoia and fear to lose their identity, the personalities of the eight strangers begin to clash, and everybody show the best and worst of themselves, while trying to find the responsible for this mysterious condition that is invading each one of them like a virus.

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