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Robbie Freeling is Back!

Oliver Robins, best known as the middle child in the first two ‘Poltergeist’ movies, has been under Hollywood’s radar almost 30 years. Now he’s back on the scene with a new movie.

‘Celebrity Crush’ is the tale (written and directed by Robins) of a crazed fan (Alissa Schneider) with a crush on a celebrity (hence the title) played by Robins. To elaborate, Schneider “will play a sociopathic fan obsessed with a fictional ‘B’ horror classic called CHAIN-FACE CLOWN and its star–Jonathan Blakelee. After meeting Jonathan at a horror convention, she imprisons the ex-child actor with the misguided hope Jonathan will one day fall in love with her.”

Hmm, sounds a bit personal. Shooting starts in July.

robins 2


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