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Dig In! ‘Buzzard Hollow Beef’ Will Be a New Thanksgiving Tradition (Trailer)

Like ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’? Of course you do. How about ‘Motel Hell’? A classic. In the same vein of crazy-clan-loves-human-flesh movies comes ‘Buzzard Hollow Beef.’

A family visiting the country for Turkey Day is treated to dinner by meat-munchin’ hillbillies, fed human flesh spiked with hallucinogens, and is then hunted for sport.

Sound derivative? Maybe, maybe not. reviewer Evan “Mushy” Jacobs was given a private screening of the film and had this to say: “It’s a horror movie that is as odd as it is terrifying […] Buzzard Hollow Beef seems very intent on subverting what we know horror movies to be. The film has solidly done visuals, a very strong cast, good dialogue, an odd but refreshing soundtrack and very firm direction.”

The movie was written by husband and wife team Joshua M. Johnson and Tara C. Hall, whose inspiration came from becoming parents and the uneasiness around strangers that can invoke (the movie prominently features a small infant). Also, Johnson stated in a recent interview, “I wanted to make a statement about food and the politics behind it. It’s another thing that divides us. People are paranoid about what what they eat and what others eat.”

Food for thought! Check out the trailer here (it’s at the bottom of the article):

By Lois Kennedy


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