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Check Out the Trailer for ‘Book of Monsters’ and Don’t Hesitate to Kick Down on the Kickstarter!

Stewart Sparke is a filmmaker on the rise, and he’s got the kind of style that fans of throwback ‘80s terror should really get a kick out of. Sparke utilizes compelling storylines and strong practical special effects to great success, and now he’s gearing up to do so again with the promising, Book of Monsters!

Sparke and Dark Rift Films have a new Kickstarter campaign launched to help ensure this movie gets made, and there are some really cool perks this time out. Here’s a little info from the press release that just might tickle your fancy.

Not only will Book of Monsters be an exciting and bloody, action-packed movie, it is also the first horror movie where the audience gets to influence major story elements of the film! We wanted to do something unique with our Kickstarter campaign and so every backer who pledges to the campaign gets to vote in six categories of terror, letting you decide which Monsters will appear in the movie and more! Also, everyone who pledges gets a story credit on the end credits of the movie, which we think is a fantastic opportunity for horror fans to get involved.

We’re big fans of Sparke’s last flick, The Creature Below (our review), so we’re confident in giving this latest film a big push. Book of Monsters already looks wicked, as you’ll see in the trailer, attached bellow.

Here’s a link to the kickstarter campaign. Don’t hesitate to jump into the fold early!

Book of Monsters is an action horror movie about six kickass women who must fight off a horde of terrifying monsters at an 18th birthday party!

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