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RIP: 4 Years Ago Today Cory Monteith Passed Away

There’s no doubt that Cory Monteith will best be remembered for his work on Glee. He was a key player in the first few seasons, and he made Finn Hudson a likeable, if conflicted youngster and that struck a chord with viewers. His death, the result of a heroin and alcohol overdose, also struck a chord, albeit a terrible, unexpected one.

Cory was 31 at the time of his death, and outside of Glee he’d graced a number of genre productions. He got his start on the popular sci-fi show, Stargate: Atlantis, and from there he moved on to the made-for-television genre piece, Killer Bash. He also popped up in the fan-favorite, long-running series, Supernatural, the low budget urban legend flick, Bloody Mary, Final Destination 3, another pair of made-for-television flicks, Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep and Hybrid. Appearances in White Noise 2: The Light, Whisper, and the short-lived but excellent Fear Itself, would follow.

Monteith was young, and a much-hipper, long-running rendition of High School Musical made him a familiar face, but his work in the genre was already well on the way to being genuinely extensive. It’s too bad he didn’t have the chance to continue working in horror films.

Rest in peace, Cory. We hope the next phase has provided you the peace that life clearly could not.

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