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The Sequel to ‘The Strangers’ Recasts All 3 Masked Villains

Loved the first ‘Strangers’? Hope you’re not too attached to Gemma Ward as Dollface, Laura Margolis as Pin-up Girl, and Kip Weeks as The Man in the Mask, because none of them are returning for the sequel.

Instead, the roles will be covered by Emma Bellomy (‘Before the Dark’), Lea Enslin (a stunt performer on ‘The Walking Dead’), and Damian Maffei (‘Christmas with the Dead’), respectively.

Pin-up and Maskie are fairly easily replaced, because they barely spoke and wore a mask the entire time, but I’ll miss Gemma Ward as Dollface. I wrote about her  eerie performance in this article: 

Like it or not, filming has officially wrapped, and we can expect it sometime in the next year.

By Lois Kennedy


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