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‘Were-Wool: An Indie Creature Feature’ Looks Worth Your Time (and Money)

‘Were-Wool’ is in the process of filming, but it needs major moneys. Its Kickstarter account ( is asking for $20,000 (quite a reasonable amount, really) but has only been pledged a quarter of that. Rewards for funding include posters, a copy of the movie, executive producer credit, a cameo in the movie, and a trip to Canada to meet the cast and crew. Unfortunately, the filmmakers have only another 15 days to reach their goal.

What’s so great about the project? If you’re on this site, you most likely enjoy “love, laughs, lycanthropy, sheep, blood, guts, and more blood.” Here’s the official synopsis: 

“Max Pemberton is your average everyday shmuck who has had to give up on his aspirations and settle into a more practical lifestyle in the rural town of Lafontaine with his long-time girlfriend, and local veterinarian, Sarah Ackerman. Fed up with his work as an archivist for the local insurance broker Max makes a last-ditch effort to take charge of his life, that is, until under the light of the full moon when everything changes. Max must now fight to rid himself of his affliction, salvaging what’s left of his humanity before it’s too late, all while managing his work life and his relationship.” Basically, he’s a were-sheep.

The film is described as ‘An American Werewolf in London’ meets ‘Slither’–it’s a horror comedy loaded with ’80s nostalgia and practical effects. Here’s a teaser:

In the words of director Lucas Bernie, “We are a small, passionate crew who want nothing more than to scare and entertain by way of bringing this project to life. Thus we turn to you the good people of the internet to decide whether or not we deserve the chance to try and enter the fray and stand toe-to-toe with these giants.”

By Lois Kennedy


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