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“Wtf!” Makes Me Think WTF? (Review)

Written by: Renier Palland 

Wtf! is a raucous slasher flick directed by Peter Herro and starring Callie Ott (The Horror) as the death defying Rachel – a final girl with an odd group of friends. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously by brilliantly utilising the slasher flick tropes for maximum effect. A bunch of Spring Break friends go to a cabin in the woods… And then the plot falls apart like a sliced spinal cord.

The overt chauvinism blends efficiently with the post-feminist all-girls-naked-it’s-fine gimmick, but director Herro’s heavy handed approach makes for a slow, rumbling fart joke first act; a misnomer of a denouement; and an odd, predictable and extremely clichèd climax. It should work for all intents and purposes. And it does, but only to a very small extent. It’s a fun flick with enough guts and gore to satisfy a mindless audience member who has one hand on his girlfriend/boyfriend and another hand texting his bros about his possible score.

Does the mindlessness and vapidity make for a good film? Yes and no. It’s a double-edged sword this one. On the one end you have a fun flick with boobs and sub-textual homophobic remarks, while on the other end you have a slasher flick that tries to be satirical, important and quite possibly genre-bending.

Wtf! fails with the latter. The genre twists and turns, but eventually it snaps back to the original trope we’ve all been accustomed to: cardboard-munching teenagers die a violent death! Hooray? Yes. Throughout the stunted dialogue set-pieces and the unyielding desire to be “cool”, Wtf! does exactly the opposite. It becomes farcical – and not in a good way.
Hey, at least the deaths are fun, right? I wouldn’t write this film off. In fact, I’d tell you to go watch it – you’ll be surprised at how much fun it actually is. As for a slasher masterpiece? Well, Wes Craven is turning in his grave right about now.


About Renier Palland (4 Articles)
Renier started his writing career as a film critic in the early 2000’s. A few years later, he was employed as a Senior Entertainment Writer at one of the biggest entertainment websites on the planet. He worked alongside celebrities, Hollywood agents and entertainment bigwigs for more than seven years. He received an international publishing deal in 2017. His debut splatterpunk trilogy, War Game, is slated for a 200 000-print USA and European release in March of 2018. The official launch will be held at Barnes & Noble in New York City.

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