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Correction: ‘The Hatred’ Looks Pretty Damn Cool

By Lois Kennedy

Recently I posted a snide review for the trailer of the upcoming film ‘The Hatred’. After receiving a polite and gracious talking-to by the film’s director, Michael G. Kehoe, I was reminded that making movies is super hard and filmmakers bust their ass to make something they’re passionate about.

It’s all too easy to snipe about movies when their creators are light years away, but it’s a whole nother kettle of fish when they deign to call you out for bitching about a movie you haven’t even seen.

Therefore I stand before you a humbled woman. Lest you think I’m sucking up to try to further my career, I have to admit that I missed a really cool thing in the trailer the first time I watched it. When writing my piece I also failed to notice that David Naughton plays WALTER, not a waiter, as I previously stated. So I was not on my A game that day. Furthermore, Mr. Kehoe was kind enough to spend the better part of an hour discussing the movie with me (article to follow soon), and he spoke of how he made sure his female protagonists were all smart. Which earned him major brownie points with me!

If you missed my article the first time round, the movie revolves around four college students staying in a house with a terrifying backstory. Here’s the trailer:

The cast is also extremely exciting. Aside from the less experienced but talented leads, the movie features Amanda Wyss (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Id’), David Naughton (‘An American Werewolf in London’), and Andrew Divoff (‘The Wishmaster’, ‘Graveyard Shift’).

‘The Hatred’ is hitting theaters September 12.

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I wuvs the horror movies and like to write snarky reviews about them. I also included some pretentious as hell microfiction (don't worry, it's at the bottom).

6 Comments on Correction: ‘The Hatred’ Looks Pretty Damn Cool

  1. I liked Kehoe’s response. Its always good to see a filmmaker object to an opinion in classy fashion. I also like this retraction of sorts. Very mature way to handle it!

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  2. Miss Kennedy,
    As a fellow contributing writer to A. T. H. M., I’d first of all like to compliment you on the quality of your cinematic examinations ( I don’t quite know why, but I’ve never appreciated the labels reviewer or critic ). I enjoy your intelligent, sometimes humorous comments and opinions, what we do may seem easy, but in reality it can be quite difficult to share opinions and observations without seeming haughty or ( please pardon the language ) an ass kisser.
    I love the fact that our editor is in no way ” put off” by our individual opinions, if they concur with his or not. The reason I’m writing this is to tell you how much class you exhibited in your re-evaluation of THE HATRED. I was one of the few who were encouraged by the trailer, and am preparing a look at what I feel is a project from 2014 that I feel was perhaps a bit ( in my humble opinion ) undervalued by anyone ( if anyone ) who has seen it.
    Again thank you for your wise words of humility- I invite you to visit me at THE TRAILER PARK sometime in the future CHEERS ! I. J. S.

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  3. That’s very kind of you; thank you.


  4. Very classy response, kudos.

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