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How Much Money John Carpenter’s Top 10 Grossing Films Would’ve Made in 2017

Halloween poster Halloween poster Art by Matt Ryan

John Carpenter is the living embodiment of a masterful filmmaker. It’s a shame that we’ll likely never see him actually helm another film, but his body of work is excellent, and he’s afforded genre fans more than a single iconic character. He’s so good that you’ve got to wonder how the man’s works would fare on today’s market.

As it just so happens, we’ve got answers for you. Here’s a look at Carpenter’s 10 highest grossing films, adjusted for inflation. So, how would Carpenter’s films do at the box office today? Like this:

1 Halloween (adjusted) $177,555,600 (original figure) $47,000,000

2 Escape from New York (adjusted) $80,274,300 (original figure) $25,244,626

3 Starman (adjusted) $72,849,100 (original figure) $28,744,356

4 The Fog (adjusted) $70,254,500 (original figure) $21,378,361

5 The Thing (adjusted) $59,022,800 (original figure) $19,629,760

6 Christine (adjusted) $57,191,600 (original figure) $21,017,849

7 Escape from L.A. (adjusted) $50,954,700 (original figure) $25,477,365

8 John Carpenter’s Vampires (adjusted) $37,772,900 (original figure) $20,308,772

9 Prince of Darkness (adjusted) $32,064,800 (original figure) $14,182,492

10 Memoirs of an Invisible Man (adjusted) $30,584,300 (original figure) $14,358,033

That’s not too shabby, at all!

Want to know what some of your other favorite filmmakers’ figures would look like today? Let us know, we’ll try to deliver the answers you seek!

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